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The information contained within this website is representative of the type of information
and facilities our clients ask to be made available, however, they are customisable and
can contain what ever you, as the client, require. See below to view a typical example of
a client login area:

All Common Ground client pages have the following features:-

- Latest news at your block updated weekly
- Schedule of works/events
- Minutes of any meetings
- All documents pertaining to your estate as downloadable pdf files. This includes:
  - bank statements
  - All ORIGINAL invoices relating to your block
  - Insurance certificates

In addition we can also provide the option of online polls/voting to allow leaseholders to vote on pertinent items. click here to see a working example of this.
Client Demo News - Last updated 18th December 2009

Next meeting:                7-00 pm Tuesday 30th March 2010 venue: Flat 3
Previous meeting:           Minutes from the previous meeting held on Tuesday 28th April
                                     2009 are available from the donload area below
Lease Registration:         Documents to enable flat owners to register their own leases
                                     are available from the download area

Scheduled works and activities in progress:

External Decorating:        ABC decorators have been appointed and work commences on 22nd June 2009
Gardening:                      DEF Tree Services have been appointed. Work commenced on 14th May 2009
Cleaning of stairwells:       Mr. Smith (Flat 7) has agreed to clean the stairwells
Resurfacing of stairwells:  Scheduled for January 2010
Redecorate  stairwells:     Scheduled for Febrary 2010
Litter at Common Court:    An email was sent to Councillor Bob Price (04/06/09) requesting that a litter bin be                                                   installed on the lampost on the corner of  AdamsRoad/Brown Road.
Electronic Key Fobs:       An electronic key fob has been sent to Alpha Alarms to obtain pricing for additional
                                      key fobs
Example Client Login page
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It is often in the interests of (and indeed a legal requirement in many cases) for a residents association to contact leaseholders regarding matters relating to the management of the estate (e.g any item expenditure that would cost leaseholders more than £250 per leaseholder). Below is a working example of a Common ground web poll.

Below is a very simple working example but surveys or web polls can be tailored to each estates requirements. try it for yourself.

Common Ground Estate & Property Management Limited

Common Ground Estate & Property Management Limited
Registered Office: Sandford Gate. East Point Business Park, Oxford, OX4 6LB
Company No: 7169211