Our priority is to allow you to enjoy your property.

Our complete property management service takes the stress out of leaseholder property ownership by ensuring that the day to day running of the estate is managed professionally, cost effectively and to YOUR requirements.

A proper and professionally maintained estate will add value to your property and ensure that relationships with neighbours do not become awkward or strained (for example if you have to ask a neighbour for money for maintenance or service charges):

-Regular site visits to assess and update requirements
-Preparation of a maintenance and repair plan
-Preparing job descriptions and specifications for contractors
-Preparation of budget and cash flow reports
-Collect service charges from individual leaseholders in accordance with your leases
-Annual service charge estimation
-Chase arrears in accordance with a pre-agreed arrears policy
-Ensuring compliance with the terms of leases and Board policies
-Attending to leaseholder/resident enquiries
-Supervising employees and regular contractors
-Ensuring compliance with Employment, Health and Safety legislation
-Payment of invoices and wages
-Organizing insurances and administering claims
-Attending the AGM
-Advice on major contract work
-Performing company secretarial duties
-Organising staff training
-Reporting on significant lessee/resident communications
-Keeping the Board informed of status of agreed actions
-Maintain a leaseholder contact database

Common Ground Estate and Property Services are an Oxford based company serving a geographical area within one hour of Oxford. By focusing rigidly to estates and properties in close geographical proximity to our offices ensures a better quality of service to our clients

What we do
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Common Ground Estate & Property Management Limited