Services for Landlords
Services for Freeholders and Developers
At Common Ground we believe that by providing an excellent service to our leasehold clients reflects well on our Freeholder/Property Developer clients.

Maintaining excellent relationships with our leaseholders ensures that our Freeholder/Property Developer clients are not burdened with leasholder complaints or enquiries.

Whatever type of management advice or expertise you need, all our services are easily tailored to fit. We can:

-Set up and implement residents’ management companies
-Help you set and manage service charges, budgets and reserve funds
-Recruit maintenance contractors, porters and other maintenance staff
-Help you work with groups of private leaseholders
-Online access to the accounts and leasholder information.
-Ground rent collection

Common Ground Estate and Property Services will work with you to decide exactly what services you need, and develop a tailored management handover plan to match your needs.
Common Ground Estate & Property Management Limited
Common Ground Estate & Property Management Limited
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