Insurance Policy
Common Ground Estate & Property Management Ltd is an appointed representative of F&N Reading Ltd t/a Independents. Common Ground's FSA Registered number is 552289 and you can check our status at or by contacting the FSA on 0845 606 1234.

Common Ground works with Independents on a non-exclusive basis and is free to shop around for the best deal for its clients.

Insurance commissions have been in the news recently and a recent Which article (can be read here) has demonstrated abuse by some managing agents in, amongst other things, the levels of commission made on insurance policies.

Common Ground's policy is simple and transparent.

We discuss insurance requirements with directors of  our client Resident Management Company's/tenants associations etc and declare the level of commission made. We then provide the following options:

1) Common Ground retains the commission and manages any claims that arise at no additional cost to the client


2) Common Ground pays the commission back to the client but any claims arising will be managed at the prevailing rate (as defined in each clients contract).

Our full terms of business can be downloaded from here

Common Ground Insurance Policy
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